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Peace Corps Iowa

Dear friends…

Training is over and I am now at my site, Samuil (Самуил), where I will stay and work for the next two years. The village has a population of about 2,500 and is the administrative center for the municipality; I feel blessed to have been placed here.

Geographically, Samuil is a completely different world from Zverino. Numberless crop fields stretch out to a mountain-less horizon while livestock roam the pastures in between. Every walk begets the acquaintances of a flock of cows, a herd of geese, a blessing of unicorns, and a particularly ornery rooster. I call him the General, for the Generally grievous mornings I suffer from him.

I live alone on the second floor in a panelák across from the municipal center where I work. There are a few families living nearby, as well as a baba next door. She makes some phenomenal mekitsas, deep fried pieces of batter that indubitably will give me early-onset coronary heart disease.

There are a lot of things on my mind and the slow pacing of village life has given me plenty of opportunities to think. Some of the thoughts are long overdue; I promised to give a coherent answer to the “Why Peace Corps?” question, and yet I’ve delivered little more than simple observations. But these observations are my way of showing you my world, to hopefully supply context for otherwise flat expressions of my feelings. When I write that Bulgaria is beautiful, you know it isn’t beautiful like a car, isn’t beautiful like a flower, and isn’t beautiful like a sunset; It’s beautiful like Bulgaria.

Just wait a little. I’ll be done with this David Attenborough commentary as soon as I can guarantee that the piece of my mind I share will be full-baked and have my whole ass.


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  1. Evangeline
    Posted August 25, 2010 at 8:35 am | #

    I love that last part about Bulgaria being beautiful.

    Dan remember that no matter how far you are from friends and family, you can never be far from God. His creation is surrounding you at this very moment.

    I sure hope you’re journaling outside of blogging. The memories you have now will be precious and priceless when you look back years later.

    Hope you’re doing well my friend,
    Evan :)

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