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Hoş geldiniz!

Dear friends…

I swear I did not pick out those leopard print sheets or the flowery blanket. And all of those electronics? They are, ahem, for work. But anyways, I thought I’d show you all my base of operations, my office, mi casa, my home. The chubby T-Rex at the far wall next to my dresser is Norman, my dinosaur roommate and occasional pillow.

My kitchen isn’t as equipped as I’m accustomed to in the states, but the necessities are here and working. Because central heating is uncommon in Bulgaria, this is usually the coldest room in my apartment and I dread cooking breakfast.

Here is my modest bathroom. It may look spartan, but I am plenty happy to have a western flush toilet.

I keep my miscellaneous belongings stored in the hallway. See that dumbbell? This Asian here is beefin’ up, so watch out! I also have about a decade’s worth of toilet paper stored in the lower cabinets because I’m deathly afraid of running out if I get snowed in during the winter.

So this is where I live. I know this is an anemic update, but I just don’t have too much to share from this month. I was making some changes to my work structure for the first half of the month and was under medical care in Sofia for the second. I did put organizing my pile of projects on today’s agenda, so I’ll see if I can publish a brief list of my work to share by tomorrow.


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  1. Mrs. Collier
    Posted November 12, 2010 at 9:50 am | #

    Stocking up on toilet paper–a person after my own heart!

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